If your facility has got a commercial kitchen, then most likely there are several locations which require more than just a basic clean-up. Cleaning of your kitchen canopy, ovens, and other appliances is quite essential to keep your business running well. Commercial kitchen deep cleaning helps you to stay safe and healthy while working in your kitchen.


Metropolitan Air Filtration provides complete kitchen deep cleaning services to all areas of your kitchen. In a commercial kitchen the grease/oil/fat & carbon deposits can accumulate over time, posing a danger of cross-contamination and fire. Regular professional kitchen deep cleaning, as well as our compliance kitchen deep cleaning, can help you maintain your food & compliance standards.

Our certified technicians have worked in a variety of culinary environments across Australia, from small takeaway and catering businesses to major hospitality venues, 5 star hotels, pubs, clubs ,restaurants, food courts, schools, aged cares, child cares and university canteens.


Commercial kitchens of all sizes are required by legislation to follow regulations in order to guarantee that hygiene requirements are satisfied. Local councils & food/health inspectors all have to safeguard the public by ensuring that commercial kitchens follow food safety requirements. Non compliance may result in substantial fines, as well as the loss of a business’s reputation and income and as well the danger of losing the license.

Poor cleaning can not only harm your business’s success, but it may also lead to bacterial contamination, putting the health and well-being of your staff and customers in danger, as well as increasing the danger of bug infestations and causing illness.


Cleanliness in any section of your commercial kitchen is critical to the safe operation and upkeep of your business. 

Metropolitan Air Filtration will supply your business with a ‘Service log’ as part of our service, allowing you to easily and quickly show your due diligence in minimizing health hazards to local authorities, commercial food standards, and environmental health officials.

Metropolitan Air Filtration holds its personnel to the highest standards to ensure a safe atmosphere within your facility & we will make sure that no section of your kitchen is left to accumulate oil and bacteria.

Increased Hygiene

·       Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

·      Reduce the number of complaints from customers.

·      The staff has better working environment.

Higher Efficiency and Longer Equipment Life

At Metropolitan Air Filtration ,we provide low maintenance and low running cost giving you higher efficiency.

Reduced Fire Risk

·    Insurance rates might be reduced.

·    Improvements in the environment’s health and safety.

Why Choose Us?

Metropolitan Air Filtration is a believer in building long-term connections with its clients. Allowing our staff to handle your cleaning responsibilities demonstrates your trust in our talents and reputation, which needs to be rewarded with a high level of respect. Of course, if respect alone could make your place sparkle, no one would need to hire cleaners. Fortunately for us, duties must still be done (to some extent) manually. This is why we work hard to show you how much we care by sending you the best cleaning professionals always.

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