If you are feeling unwell due to unhealthy air of your indoor surrounding, you can easily search out its reasons through our indoor air quality testing service. The air in which you are breathing can be contaminate with pollutants like pollens, allergens, hazardous gasses and microorganisms. Contaminated air can cause many health problems such as suffocation, depression, sore eyes, heart diseases and respiratory disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to test and improve air quality.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Testing important?

You spend much of your time indoor daily. Indoor air can be pollute earlier as compared to outdoor air. Air that you are inhaling has a direct effect on your health. Inhaling unhealthy air can destroy your respiratory system. If you want a hygienic environment, then you have to check your air through our indoor air quality testing service. Healthy surrounding is necessary for physical and mental growth.

Is Indoor Air Quality Testing productive for workplaces?

The effectiveness of every workplace depends on the health of its workers. In many cases, employs of industries develop many diseases related to heart, respiratory system and skin allergies. To enhance production of your industry, you keenly require our indoor air quietly testing service.

Which Sort of Tests We Offer?

The main aim of our company is to list out all the factors, which are making your air unhealthy. To search out all the contaminants, we offer the following tests.

Biological tests:

Biological tests are done to indicate the presence of biological pollutants in air like mites, bacteria, pollens, and mould. These tests include:

  • Bacteria sampling
  • Mould assessment
  • Pollen testing
  • Mites sampling
  • Fungi testing

Chemical tests:

During indoor air quality testing, we also do chemical tests to search out chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, lead, radon and other chemical impurities. We offer following chemical test.

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Airborne bacteria / fungi / mould /
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Respirable dust (PM10)
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Sound Levels

Combustion tests:

These sort of tests help to show the presence of combustion products in air like hazardous gasses and tobacco smoke. We offer following combustion tests:

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Smoke sampling

Improve Indoor Air through Metropolitan Air Filtration:

After testing indoor air, you can also improve the quality of air through our services. Our method of working includes the following aspects.

Control the Causes:

Firstly, we list out all the possible sources of air contaminants. Then we try our best to remove all those sources.

Upgrade Ventilation System:

Bad ventilation system is the main reason behind the contamination of air. Therefore, we introduce multiple techniques to our customers that can surely upgrade their ventilation system. It helps to replace unhealthy air with healthy one.

Cleansing of Air:

At last, we apply number of techniques to clean air. Our designed strategies help to remove all suspended particles from air.

Why You Should Priorities Metropolitan Air Filtration Over Other Companies?

To breath in healthy air, you should test your surrounding air through Metropolitan Air Indoor Air Quality Services. You will gain satisfactory indoor air quality testing services, if you will prefer us to other existing services in the market.

Top Quality Services:

We are providing top services to our clients for many years. The team at Metropolitan Air Filtration mainly focuses on the quality of work. Our testing service always leaves a sign of satisfaction on the faces of our clients. Now the positive feedback of customers is becoming our identity.

24 Hours Service:

We will provide you our indoor air quality testing services when and where you require. We work for our customers regardless of time & available 24×7.

Reasonable Cost:

We do our work by considering the budget of our clients. We will give you superior services in very suitable price, as the mental relief of our customers is our main priority.

If you are looking for satisfactory indoor air quality services, then search out help through Metropolitan Air Indoor Air Quality Services.

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